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Housing Manufacturing Plant

The Housing Manufacturing Plant (HMP) is set up to build a complete house.  Located on the Pearl River Reservation located in Choctaw, MS and owned by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, the HMP has sub-assemblies manufactured in the plant and shipped to the field/job site.  Due to our unique manufacturing capabilities, the houses are completed in a shorter amount of time.  Many options are available: flooring, roofing, lighting, cabinet finishes & hardware, appliances and other interior items, single & double carports, and lock & key delivery or black-in only.

Choctaw Central CTEC students toured the IKBI Housing Manufacturing Center on November 19thThe Construction Class students were Nehemiah Solomon, Scottie Bell, Garcia Denson, Cohen Keats and Kendrick Wesley; they were accompanied by their instructor Mr. Fred Lyons and the tour was conducted by Aaron Bradley. The students enjoyed seeing the stages of house construction and the trades involved in building houses.


For more information or to schedule a tour, please call 601.656.1153